Because you can’t get to a new paradigm by modeling the old one. 

what we believe: 

  • Life comes first. That means real wellbeing. Yours. Your family and community’s. The Earth. We believe it is all connected. 
  • We can create an ecosystem of more than money. We can create a holistic economy of relationships, values, experiences, wisdoms, and renewable resources in time and energy as well as sun and water. 
  • We are intersectional + interdependent + nonbinary. Human beings are not categories. People don’t live in separate little demographic boxes, but live across race, sexuality, gender, age, politics, and ability. You, and the people you want to connect with. Each life on this planet is endlessly multi-faceted, dynamic, contradictory, and evolving. Cultural competence has social impact. 
  • We help you Be, Do, Have: When you are aligned with your deepest purpose and truth—with clarity and confidence—right actions follow, and you get back more than you need. Commerce, and mainstream marketing, operate from a reversal that is Have, Do, Be: That if you have more than enough, you will take better actions, and only then you can be who you know, deep down, you can be—leading to the exploitation of each other and the planet. 
  • You are the whole package. We want you to get really excited—about your ability to impact the world the way that you want.  Because everyone has something special to offer. You believe in the services and goods you have to share. We believe in you.  

Core values

Integrity, honesty, commitment, transparency, interconnection, vivacity, care, presence

Core endeavors

Innovative, visionary, in-depth, responsive, optimistic, intentional, detailed



Ellyane Hutchinson
The weaver

Ellyane Hutchinson has her eyes on the prize and her fingers on the dials at all times. With the tremendous gift of holding the biggest picture and the smallest details together, she has more than fifteen years experience in design as a production manager, coordinator for film & TV, and special events planner in New York City and New York State. Most recently, she worked for multiple nonprofits and organizations in website design and maintenance. With a passion for fibers arts at large, and pre-industrial methods of creating functional pieces in specific, she has studied loom weaving, knits, lacemaking, felts, and tatting to great accomplishment. Her work with other artisans and craftswomen keeps her connected to fellow creatives around the world.


Leona Palmer
The storyteller

A Wisconsin-grown former New Yorker, Leona is an amalgam of culture + fashion + spirit. She earned a degree from NYU’s Gallatin School in post-colonial women’s literature then modeled globally with Ford and Wilhelmina Model Management agencies and cofounded Curves for Change, a nonprofit promoting positive body image for girls and women. Most recently she served as the communications & marketing strategist for the Omega Women’s Leadership Center at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. She is the Wisdom Women council steward for Sacred Economics (podcast interview), is featured in the collection Just a Little More Time, and is a contributor at RoleReboot.orgThe Huffington Post, and on feminism, media, culture, and regenerative living. She is also the cofounder with her partner of the food blog, 20 Boxes.